• The Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Employment Opportunities

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Personnel

Job Details:
Full-time or Part-time seasonal position (April to November); Part-time winter support (November to April) based on demand, projects and availability
• Hourly Wage: Starting at $16 or based on experience

• Responsible for weekly landscaping; duties include garden beds and planter care, watering, grass cutting, edging, trimming and pruning. Knowledge in lawns, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals preferred, but not a necessity
• Horse show preparation including building and removing horse stalls. Ring maintenance, grooming and watering. Horse jump setup and takedown
• Cleaning out (mucking) of horse stalls and livestock pens
• Daily operation of equipment such as tractors, loaders, mowers, trimmers, etc
• Heavy lifting is a regular part of day-to-day operations: sandbags, garbage bins, horse stalls and jumps. Lifting on and off wagons
• Event setup/takedown, this can include table and chairs, gate/pen setup, garbage, and general property maintenance
• Event setup/ takedown can include working longer hours; this is especially true for the weeks leading up to the annual Draft Horse Show and Barrie Fair in the month of August
• Additional duties include painting, washroom maintenance, garbage removal and restocking
• Working outdoors, in full sun, and windy conditions at times. Rain or shine working environment