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4h girlsWhat a rush! We have been busy working with 23 committees of the Barrie Fair to put together the 2016 Exhibitors Prize Book. The office has been a buzz and we are so happy to have such a wonderful group of volunteers who help make the Barrie Fair a success each and every year. 

If your household receives Farmview, you will have most likely already received the Prize Book as we were lucky enough to be able to print our book as an insert in the newspaper this year. We do have extra copies in the office and will be distributing them around Simcoe County at various businesses, so keep a look out. A big Thank You to Lisa Peterson for donating her time to layout the book this905922_10156323060735647_1250282800738801031_o year (a huge undertaking!!). 

Please take the time to read over the General Rules & Regulations of the Barrie Fair as there is important information for exhibitors. The information in this document will ensure you will be prepared when you arrive to exhibit. 

We have added some new and exciting committees to the fair: Gaited Horses, Miniature Horses and Meat Goats. We welcome some new Committee Heads this year: Carol McIsaac of Gaited Horses; Irene Wiles and Tracey Steeves of Western Games; Tracy & Cassandra Bishop of westernMiniature Horses and Becky Vissers of Meat Goats. It is always a pleasure to welcome new volunteers to the fair.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to thank the committee head of your committee for helping make the Barrie Fair a success! It is the intent of the Essa & District Agricultural Society to make sure we can promote agriculture for another 163 years and we can’t do it without people like you.

One thing we love to see is all of the youth involvement in the fair, whether as an exhibitor or a volunteer. Perhaps you would be interested in applying to become the next Barrie Fair 2015 AmbassadorsAmbassador? The public speaking experience and scholarships are an incentive to apply! 

I know my kids will be entering their works of art in the Home Craft department this year as well as participating in the Lord Simcoe Series. There are so many great craft projects you can do with your children over the summer to enter at the fair and my kids have had fun looking though the book and dreaming up all of the things they can make.

 The staff and I at the Essa Agriplex are looking forward to welcoming you to the 163rd Barrie Fair,



Elizabeth McCowan
General Manager
Essa Agriplex
[email protected]


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