• The Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.


4H Sheep Showmanship

Peewee Showmanship

5-8 years of age as of January 1st

  1. Reece Wettlaufer, Elmwood, ON
    LeBron James, 999999

Showmanship- Novice

Exhibitor must be 9-11 years of age

  1. Rachel Montgomery, Ramara, ON
    Clover, ?
  2. Danica Kirby, Lisle, ON
    Lacey, NONE
  3. Keagan McCallum-Pinho, Everett, ON
    TODD TK 22L, CAN802332
  4. Mason Wettlaufer, Elmwood, ON
    Lily, 999999

Showmanship - Junior

Exhibitor must be 12-14 years of age

  1. Lauren Cowan, Innisfil, ON
    TODD LACEY 1L, CAN801889
  2. Clara Brooks, Stayner, ON
    TRI R LYRA 198L, CAN799438
  3. Ava Emke, Elmwood, ON
    Lucky, 999999
  4. Thomas Edwards, Tottenham, ON
    Amber, NONE
  5. Scarlett McCallum-Pinho, Everett, ON
    TODD TK 41L, CAN802333
  6. Reese Montgomery, Ramara, ON
    Mable, ?
  7. Milana Palmateer, Barrie, ON
    Lindor, 311
  8. Nicole Palmateer, Barrie, ON
    Louise, 302
  9. Mathias Blank, Thornton, ON
    Georgia, NONE

Showmanship - Senior

Exhibitor must be 18-21 years of age

  1. Madeleine Cullen, Everett, ON

4H Sheep Conformation

January Spring Ewe Lambs

Born Jan 1st, 2023 - Jan 31st, 2023

  1. TODD LACEY 1L, CAN801889
    Lauren Cowan, Innisfil, ON
  2. TRI R LYRA 198L, CAN799438
    Clara Brooks, Stayner, ON
  3. TODD LOLA 9L, CAN801890
    Jaiden Van Kolfschoten, Thornton, ON
  4. Louise, 302
    Nicole Palmateer, Barrie, ON
    Madeleine Cullen, Everett, ON

February Spring Ewe Lambs

Born February 1st, 2023 - February 28th, 2023

  1. Lily, 999999
    Mason Wettlaufer, Elmwood, ON
  2. TODD TK 41L, CAN802333
    Scarlett McCallum-Pinho, Everett, ON
  3. TODD TK 22L, CAN802332
    Keagan McCallum-Pinho, Everett, ON
  4. Amber, NONE
    Thomas Edwards, Tottenham, ON
  5. Lindor, 311
    Milana Palmateer, Barrie, ON
  6. Suffolk, 999999
    Wyatt Wettlaufer, Elmwood, ON
    Isabella Cullen, Everett, ON
  8. Georgia, NONE
    Mathias Blank, Thornton, ON
  9. Mable, ?
    Reese Montgomery, Ramara, ON

Late Spring Ewe Lambs

Born March 1st and later of current year

  1. Clover, ?
    Rachel Montgomery, Ramara, ON
  2. Lacey, NONE
    Danica Kirby, Lisle, ON

Market Lamb

Born after January 1, 2023. Under 110 pounds

  1. LeBron James, 999999
    Reece Wettlaufer, Elmwood, ON