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Happy Canadian Ag Day!

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Happy Canadian Ag Day! The Essa & District Agricultural Society is proud to be a part of the local Agricultural Community as we truly do get to work with the best people in the industry!

For 166 years, the Barrie Fair & Essa & District Agricultural Society (formerly Barrie Agricultural Society) have been lucky enough to work with local farmers and producers to bridge the gap between the farm and consumers plates. Today, we are proud to promote the hardworking farmers across not only Ontario, but across Canada!

With a country as vast and diverse as Canada, it only makes sense that different areas specialize in different things, while some animals/ crops can thrive in almost any environment! So where might your food come from? Check out the image below!

On Canadian Ag Day (and every other day too), we celebrate the farmers who are dedicated to their animals, their land and their community and we encourage you to learn more about the truth about the agricultural industry and Agri-business. For more resources and information about Canadian Farms, visit the Agriculture More than Ever website, follow their ambassadors on Social Media, and join in the conversation!

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