General Rules          

Essa National Draft Horse Show (ENDHS)

 Saturday August 5th & Sunday August 6th, 2023    



  • Membership application forms and information

are available from the Agriplex office or for purchase on AssistExpo when you are completing your entries online.

  • Applications for membership are available January 1st to December 31st of each year.
  • The Essa & District Agricultural Society – EDAS Membership permits the participant to exhibit in as many classes as he/she wishes, subject to an entry fee where required, or where entries are limited for the class. Non-members are not permitted to participate.
  • Adult Memberships (18+) are $15.00 and Junior Memberships (under 18) are $5.00.

Office Rules

  • Management referred to in the following statements means the Essa & District Agricultural Society (EDAS) Board of Directors and the General Manager.
  • All entries are made subject to the General Rules and Regulations of the ENDHS. The Management reserves the right to make any alterations to classes as are deemed necessary.
  • Should any questions arrive not provided for in the rules and regulations, the decision of the Management shall be final.
  • Protests on any grounds must be made in writing on the same day in which the protest action was taken and given to the Management and marked received. All protests must be accompanied by a deposit of $500, which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained.
  • Payment of prizes and premiums won on all classes of competition will be paid by the Treasurer upon conclusion of the exhibition. Payment will be made to the person under whose name of the entry was accepted by.  The EDAS will not be responsible for the payment of prizes or special premiums offered by breed associations, societies, clubs or individuals.  Exhibitors who do not receive their prize money by October 15th should contact Management at the EDAS.


  • Should the income on the ENDHE show be insufficient to pay all prizes, the Management only binds itself to pay as much pro rata of prize money that is available and is consistent with receipts.

Entry Fees/Forms

Entry Fees per entry-Line Classes/Riding, Single, Team & Unicorn Hitch Classes: $10.00: 4 Horse Hitch & 6 Horse Hitch $35.00.


Administration Fee:  per exhibitor $10.00;

No Entry Fee for Youth Classes. 

  • All entries must be made online through Assist Expo. NO telephone entries will be accepted.
  • Entry Fees, MUST be submitted with request and entry forms along with proof of your insurance.

You can enter online at For your convenience, online payments WILL be accepted through AssistExpo.

  • All entries must be made on the entry form and be signed by the exhibitor or agent. All information requested on the entry form must be completed in full.
  • Closing date for entries: Sunday July 23rd  
  • Any accepted late entries will be subject

to a $20 late fee – NO ENTRIES DAY OF SHOW

  • Substitutions may be done up until day of show.
  • For any NSF cheques returned a $40.00 charge will apply.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own errors and those of their agents in the preparation of entry forms.


  • Completing the entry form correctly is the responsibility of the agent/exhibitor, which includes entering exhibits in the correct class.
  • Exhibits permitted to show that are entered in the incorrect class will not receive prize money for that class.
  • Registered names and numbers must accompany all purebred entries. A copy of registration papers (front and back) must be produced for pedigree checking prior to show time. Please have them on hand at show.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  • Should a class have insufficient entries when entries close, the entries may be combined at the discretion of the Management.
  • Exhibitors cancelling their entries shall forfeit their entry fee, except when a certification of disability is issued by a qualified Veterinarian. The certificate of disability must be received by July 31st, 2023.  
  • Exhibitors shall be allowed a maximum of two entries in any class for single animals.

Exhibitor Rules

  • The Exhibitor must be fully cognizant of the rules and class specifications governing the division in which he / she shows.
  • Junior/Youth/Showmanship Exhibitors – all contestants participating in this category must be entered under their own name and on entry forms, separate from family farms and be a member.
  • Coggins recommended.
  • The ages of horses shall date from January of the year in which they are foaled.
  • All exhibits must be owned by and registered as purebred in the name of the exhibitor. The Exhibitor must have a registration paper issued in the exhibitor’s country of residence. Grade horses are the exception.
  • Foals, Yearlings and Two Year Olds are eligible to compete for Junior Championships; Horses Three Years Old and over are eligible for Senior Championships.
  • DRESS CODE: Exhibitors are required to dress in neat attire while showing animals in the ring. No ball caps or blue jeans allowed.  No stable name on clothing.  Any unmanageable horses will be removed from the Judging Ring.
  • Open Riding Class Dress Code: suitable Western or English attire to be worn at all times by competitors.  This means appropriate riding boots, tie, protective helmet, belt and shirt.  Jeans are not allowed unless covered by chaps.
  • AppointmentsWestern: Stock type saddle, open stirrups, western style headstall, blinders are optional. Tie downs and draw reins, whips and martingales are prohibited.  Types of reins used optional.

English: English type saddle and full bridle.  Manes and tails to be braided/decorated appropriately.  Blinders are optional.  Tie downs and white bridles are prohibited.  Crops are allowed at the judge’s discretion.

  • All horses MUST enter and leave the ring at a walk.
  • To be shown on the rail both directions of the ring at a walk, jog or trot and lope or canter, stand quietly and to back.
  • Any animal not presented in the ring at the time the class is called will be barred from showing in the class. This rule will be strictly enforced!
  • Hitches – The exhibitor must own both horses shown in a team or single tandem. Multiple hitches may be combined.
  • No stallions may be used in any youth or ladies cart classes.
  • Drivers in the youth cart must be accompanied by an adult.
  • NEW! A Trailer person will be allowed to assist handler in line classes when horse is moving in ring, when horse has completed the inspection in front of judge and has returned to lineup trailer person is to leave lineup/ring. (In the case of a re-move, the trailer person may re-join the exhibit when moving in front of the judge.
  • Excessive use of a long whip in the marshalling/hitch area and/or show ring will not be tolerated and could result in being barred from showing in that particular class.

Liability & Indemnification

  • All Exhibitors are required to carry their own liability insurance. And it is the responsibility of each horse exhibitor to carry at least two million dollars ($2,000,000) liability insurance.  Please complete insurance details on assist expo when making entries. 
  • Exhibitors of animals, machinery in motion, and other exhibits that may cause injury or damage to persons coming in contact with them shall take all precautions to safeguard the public, including but not limited to, guarding their exhibits, providing barriers to protect the public, providing restraints as required, etc., The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and save harmless, The Essa and District Agricultural Society, board of directors, staff and volunteers from and against all claims, demands, costs, penalties, fines, charges and expenses whatsoever resulting from damage caused by the exhibitor and/or his/her exhibit to any person or persons, animal or property.
  • The Essa & District Agricultural Society will take reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of the exhibits sent to the exhibition, but the owners themselves must take risks of exhibiting them.
  • The Essa & District Agricultural Society shall not be liable for any loss to an exhibitor occasioned by fire, accident,

condition of structure or the negligence of other exhibitors, of officials, or otherwise howsoever.

  • It is understood that the exhibitors shall release the Essa and District Agricultural Society, its officers and directors from all claims for damages arising from loss or destruction of, or injury to any property such, whether occasioned by negligence or otherwise, and the exhibitors agree to indemnify the Essa and District

Agricultural Society against all claims or demands of any kind or nature by reason of any loss, injury or damage occasioned by any animal or other exhibit, arising from the negligence of injury or damage to any such attendant or person in charge, or the property of such.

  • The EDAS will not be held responsible for any errors, printing or otherwise, in this Prize List Book.
  • The EDAS has the right to expel any animal from the grounds that is or suspected of suffering from communicable disease.
  • The EDAS reserves all rights to its grounds and may restrict or prohibit admittance to the grounds to any person or group of persons without giving reason of such action and, the EDAS may refuse the privilege of exhibiting to any individual without disclosing the reasons for such refusal and, all members, exhibitors and exhibits as instructed by the officials or remove same from the grounds.
  • In order to conform with the Township of Essa Bylaws and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, there will be

NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES permitted in any of the barns, tents, buildings or on the Fairgrounds, except in a licensed area.

  • Any items not covered by the above will be ruled on by the Management.

Decision of Judge’s

  • Any person who shall attempt to interfere with or influence the judges and/or agriculture official while in the discharge of their duties, or who shall at any time, on the premises of the association, use any contemptuous or abusive language or acts of violence to any judge and/or agricultural official, or within his hearing in consequence of any award made by him or any exhibitor refusing to accept any award made by a judge, shall forfeit his right to any premium to which he might otherwise be entitled, and may be precluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter.
  • Judge’s are particularly requested to report any offence in this direction.
  • Judge’s decision is final.

Bedding and Feed

  • Exhibitors must supply their own hay and or bedding for the duration of the show. Straw and shavings will be permitted for use as bedding.
  • Shavings are available to pre-order and are required to be paid for at time of entry.
  • Shavings are available at $9.50+ tax for a 2.8 cu ft. bag.


  • Stalls are available and encouraged for the 2023 show. Every effort will be made to comply with all reasonable requests.  All stalls are to be reserved and paid for by you at the time of making entries on assist expo.
  • Stalls are $50.00 per stall.
  • The use of straw or shavings is allowed.
  • Shavings are available at $9.50+ tax for a 2.8 cu ft. bag.
  • Exhibitors who wish to show out of their trailers will be parked in the designated ship in area.
  • No Trailers will be permitted between barns, alongside or under roof of barns or in Fire Routes.
  • Ship in Trailer fee is $35.00 per day.

Horse Descriptions

  • A Brood Mare is a mare that has raised a foal for the current year or during the current year.
  • A Yeld Mare is a mare, four years of age or over, that has not raised a foal during the current year. A Mare that dropped a dead foal or a foal that died within two weeks of birth shall be classified as a Yeld Mare.  An embryo transfer donor mare is classified as a Yeld Mare.
  • Foals/Mares – All foals must be exhibited on the halter. Mare may not accompany foals into the ring for the foal class or vise versa.


  • Unloaded parking of horse/livestock trailers free of charge in designated areas only.
  • Self-contained trailers are permitted in designated areas only.
  • There is RV Parking available on site. the first RV for exhibitors is free and additional RV’s are $25 each. These sites will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

These sites DO NOT have power, sewer or water hook ups.  NO DUMPING OF GREY WATER

Handicapped Parking

  • In order to provide a more enjoyable experience for handicapped persons, handicapped parking is available adjacent to Barn #1.


  • No pets are allowed on the fairgrounds with only the exception of trained service animals to assist an individual with a disability.

Lost & Found

  • A Lost & Found is located in the Show Office.

First Aid

  • First Aid services are employed for the duration of the event. Make yourself aware of the location of this service should you require aid during your stay.

Use of Logo & Marks

  • The use for any purpose or in any way of the name Barrie Fair, the Society logo, or Essa Agriplex is prohibited without a written agreement of the Board of Directors or its’ officers. All requests for permission to use same must be received by the Office for review.

Check In and Out

  • For your assigned stabling, please check into the show office prior to unloading. In the event you arrive at an odd hour check the map 8 x 10 paper displayed on the hydro panel in centre of  barn for your stabling.
  • Exhibitors on arrival shall check in at the Show Office to acquire entry numbers and show updates.