Vendor Information

Are you interested in being a vendor at the 166th Barrie Fair in 2019? The general public must pass through the indoor vendor hall in order to enter the fairgrounds; all spectators for the truck and tractor pull and demolition derby must pass through the outdoor vendor village to enter the track area. Please read the following guidelines before submitting an application:

Set Up:

Wednesday August 21, 2019 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM


Check-In at building #7 and pickup vendor fair package prior to setting up your booth or trailer.

If you do not setup on August 21 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, you will not be permitted to setup during the fair. Your space may be reassigned and as stated in the application terms – you will not receive a refund. Those who have a conflict with August 21 are asked to speak with fair organizers in advance to see if alternative terms can be reached.


Each morning of the fair you are able to drive your vehicle to your booth space from 7:00 AM until 15 minutes prior to fair opening.

Vendor Mandatory Operating Hours: (Vendors MUST be open during these times)

Vendors are encouraged to be open for the entirety of each fair day but we understand staffing and travel can make it difficult.

Thursday August 22 • 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Friday August 23 • 12:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Saturday August 24 • 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sunday August 25 • 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Indoor Vendors

•Available space sold by lot #, first come first serve for location reservation. Lots are 10 x 10 ft in size, all spaces have 15 AMP service available. Vendors are encouraged to include in their application their #1 and #2 lot preferences. A map of the vendor layout will be available online shortly, the map will be updated as applications are approved.

•You can define your space with a tent, centre row lots will not permit tent walls. Each lot will have specific guidelines, please read carefully prior to submitting your application.

•The North and South row of lots will have a back wall, there will also be buffer space provided between lots for easier vendor operation.

•Each vendor will be required to provide a $50 security deposit on top of the application cost, this deposit will be returned at the conclusion of the fair. Farm Implement Dealers are exempt from this deposit.

•Pre-packaged food and farmers market goods are permitted indoors. Vendors who prepare food at their booth cannot be located indoors, you would be required to book an outdoor lot.

Outdoor Vendors

•When applying for space, please include the entire footprint of your setup, including trailer tongue length, depth etc. Please include on the application a configuration of your layout, including trailer positioning if you have one.

•You can define your space with tents using sidewalls if required.

•Food vendors are permitted outside.

•No Cotton Candy or Candy Apples can be sold due to contract terms with the midway.

What do you need when booking a space with the Barrie Fair?

•Certificate of insurance naming Essa & District Agricultural Society as additionally insured: minimum of $2,000,000 liability coverage.

•Completed application with payment.

•Simcoe County Health Unit permit if required. (Food Vendors)

•Propane inspection certificate if required. (Food Vendors)

•Generator ESA permit if required.

•Tent permit if required.

•Ability to setup your booth Wednesday August 21.

•Ability to remain open during vendor mandatory operating hours, all 4 days of the fair. Failure to remain open during these hours will result in the forfeit of your security deposit, those who wish to return to the fair next year after forfeiting their security deposit will be required to submit a deposit of  $100 in 2020. Multiple violations regarding opening hours will void your vendor agreement and fair management will ask you to leave. Security and/or the OPP will be involved in any vendor conduct escalating as a result of a request to leave the fairgrounds. All vendors wish to work together with the fair to put on a good show, please respect each other and the fair vendor rules listed below.

General Rules:

1. No vendors are permitted to stay on the fairgrounds overnight.

2. No roving vendors. This includes pop up signage, any advertising outside of your vendor lot must be pre-approved by fair organizers – out of respect for other vendors this rule could result in the forfeit of your security deposit.

3. Surveys, sales and demonstrations are conducted only in the space provided or with pre-approved permission from fair organizers.

4. No alcohol is permitted  (exceptions apply for sample vendors).

5. Smoking is not permitted.

6. No amplified sound from any vendor unless pre-authorized in writing by the EDAS (fair organizers).

7. Subletting is not permitted and will result in immediate removal from the fairgrounds and forfeit of your security deposit.

8. Vendors setting up a tent must ensure proper blocks or weights are used to secure their tent. Vendors are required to supply their own setup equipment (stakes, rope, weights, etc). Vendors failing to safely secure their display will be asked to take it down.

2019 Barrie Fair Vendor Application – CLICK HERE

Indoor Vendor Map Layout and Booking Update – CLICK HERE

UPDATED August 20, 2019  Only 1 vendor lot left in Barn 1! Overflow Barn 2 may still be available but space is limited.