Welcome, Members!

New in 2018, there are 3 membership options:

1. Non-Voting Membership 18+

A non-voting membership is offered free of charge to REGISTERED volunteers of the Barrie Fair who volunteer 4+ hours at the fair. All volunteer positions can be found at www.essaagriplex.ca or in the office. Please note that if you plan to exhibit at the Barrie Fair, you still must purchase a voting membership.

2. Voting Membership 18+ 

Voting Members are 18 and over. In order for Members to vote at the Annual Meeting, they must be members in good standing both for the year for which such annual meeting is held, and for the proceeding calendar year.

Memberships are $15.00

3. Junior/Special Needs

A junior is considered under 18 years old as of January 1st, 2017. Special Needs are exhibitors in the Special Needs departments of the Home Crafts Division. These memberships do not have voting privileges.

Memberships are $5.00

All exhibitors participating in the Barrie Fair and the Essa National Draft Horse Show must be EDAS members to exhibit. All participants in the Lord Simcoe Series who wish to accumulate points for year end awards must be EDAS members.

Click below to download the 2018 Membership Application.

Membership Applications are available in person at the Essa Agriplex office, or to the right at the top of this screen. Completed applications can be returned in person or via email to admin@essaagriplex.ca.