Welcome, Exhibitors to the 164th edition of the Barrie Fair!

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We are so excited to have you come and exhibit your animals and crafts. Please find all relative information here regarding your entries:

2017 Prize Book is NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AND IN THE OFFICE! Pick up your copy in person, check your May issues of FarmView, or view your specific category below!  

PLEASE NOTE: The Holstein Show and the Limousin Show were not included in the printed copy!! They will be uploaded shortly! Please stay tuned to this page for the information when it comes in 🙂  

                                           Entries can be made on AssistExpo




4-H Beef      4-H Dairy     4-H Horses     4-H Indoor Inter Club     4-H Miniature Horses     4-H Sheep


Angus     Charolais     Hereford     Limousin 

Gaited Horses     Horse & Pony Hunter Show     Miniature Horses     Western Games

Holstein     Jersey


Meat Goats


Rabbits & Cavies



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A Huge THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and exhibitors of the Barrie Fair, without your continual support, our fair would not be a success! 

Please take the time to check out all of the local businesses who support the fair! It takes an entire community to put on the Barrie Fair and we thank each and every one of you.